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We offer a wide range of training both virtually and onsite in several different areas primarily in the area of Leadership Effectiveness:

  • Building Relationships Virtually

  • Virtual Leadership

  • Virtual Team Effectiveness

  • Leadership Development

  • New to Leadership

  • New to the C-Suite

Let us design and facilitate your meeting so that you can fully participate in the process.  We facilitate all types of meetings small or large:

  • Strategy Planning

  • Mission – Vision - Values

  • Executive Offsites

  • Board Alignment

  • Board Retreats & Meetings

  • Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Family Business – Succession Planning

Professional coaches and trainers typically are the best facilitators for your organizations most important planning sessions because:

  • They help the group achieve specific outcomes through the use of active, participatory and engaging methods
  • They evaluate and track progress in real time and measure how well the participants achieved the stated outcomes at the end of the process
  • They familiarize themselves with the organizational culture and situation in which they are working, and ensure the processes are a good fit with that culture and the purpose of the session
  • They stimulate dialogue and interaction between participants, not just between themselves and the participants

A Trained Facilitator Can Improve the Overall Engagement Level, Effectiveness and Outcome of Organizational Planning and Strategy Meetings

Time is a commodity so why waste it in unproductive meetings? 

Having a high stakes meeting where the group needs to leave feeling like something was accomplished?  An outside team or group facilitator is a wise investment and may be essential to the process.

Facilitators can:

  • Help guide groups towards their objectives

  • Assist teams and groups gain alignment quicker

  • Assist others in 

Training & Facilitation
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