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What is Group Coaching and Why Has it Become So Appealing?


 * We utilize the PERFORM ™ Model of Group Coaching which is an evidenced – based approach and reflective of research findings.

The Coach - coaches the group process integrating the dynamics of the group into the coaching approach

In Group Coaching the group is used as a vehicle to accomplish awareness and effectiveness within the individual. The coach acts as a facilitator of the process. This approach is referred to as a horizontal approach because each individual in the group is at a comparable-peer level and is generally not inter-dependent on goal connected by a leader or organization.

Group coaching advantages:

  • Participants can leverage the collective wisdom that exists in their group
  • It is cost effective
  • Power shifts in behavior often happen quicker *
  • Increased accountability among participants
  • Achievement of personal goals happen at an accelerated pace
  • Increase self-awareness

Most groups are a minimum of 3 participants to a maximum of 7 which still allows for individualized coaching

Group Coaching

* Dr. Pam Van Dyke has conducted empirical research in the area of team and group coaching which has informed her approach to team and group.  She has developed a model of group coaching which she follows.  This  allows any individual or organization to benefit from her knowledge. 

You can buy Dr. Van Dyke's latest book on Virtual Group Coaching here.

Group coaching examples are:

  • Healthcare Professionals - New Physicians

  • Individuals in a job transition

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • New to leadership roles

  • New to Sr. Leadership

  • Women Leaders & Corporate Politics

  • Pastors and Ministry leaders

  • Dealing with grief

  • Community Leaders