Structure and Design

  • Organizational and job analysis
  • Performance optimization
  • ​Business goals alignment

We partner with organizations, teams or individuals to answer these questions by using practical tools such as SWOT Analysis and Business Growth Cycle analysis.

Talent Management - by evaluating the organization’s current statistics in areas such as: hiring, diversity, employee engagement, succession planning and retention we can help determine if the organization is well situated to achieve the priorities of the business.

Performance Management – by leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of human behavior and motivation, we are able to quickly assess and recommend proven strategies that help to optimize performance.

Change Management – by identifying both internal and external environmental factors in an organization as a result of change, we can quickly develop intervention strategies that help to inform employees in ways that maintain their focus and remain productive.

The most effective tool we have is our extensive experience in multiple industries and in multiple geographical settings which help us to determine the best approach and design for your unique situation.



  • Clarity of strategy and direction
  • Right people, process, plans
  • ​Measurement system



  • Practical tools
  • Identify areas of improvement

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Organizations are complex and constantly changing.  We are an experienced group of consultants that have been on both sides of the table and understand first hand that a diagnosis and plan is great but must be able to be operationalized or it doesn’t matter.  We are experienced, pragmatic and results driven.

Is your Organizational Structure, Leadership and Talent Optimized to Achieve your Business Strategy and Goals?

Are you deploying Talent Management, Change Management and Performance Management programs to manage the rapid changes and complexity of your organization?